Gianni Ristorante


The cuisine at Gianni Ristorante is based on the three main aspects: the Mediterranean style, contemporaneousness and only the finest raw ingredients.

The chosen Mediterranean style originates from Italian culinary traditions, which is further and freely interpreted in such to be presented by Gianni Favro.

It thrives for innovation through the use of ingredients as well as the composition of the dishes. There is extensive use of extra-virgin olive oil rather than the inclusion of other fat, which fits a more up-to-date lifestyle. Furthermore, advances in cooking in cooking techniques are frequently used.

However, an essential contributor to the foundation of our cuisine would be the choice of raw materials of the highest and finest quality. – For over ten years we have, sought out Italian artisan food producers and found the best and quickest ways for produce to be shipped to Bangkok bi-weekly in order to have access the freshest and most fragrant ingredients, as if we were at any morning market in Rural Italy.

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